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FingerCard — the program for dermatoglyphic analysis of personal psychological characteristics based on 10 fingerprints data. The program allows removing and saving in a database 10 fingerprints of a person, providing dermatoglyphic analysis to define psychophysiological characteristics of person, as temperament and to print a fingerprint portrait of the person. Program compares Hans Eysenck personality test result with dermatoglyphics analysis.

FingerCard gives information about Multiple Intelligences levels of person base on Howard Gardner theory classification.

BioFinger+ system includes FingerCard program + fingerprint scanner. 

You can run free online finergprint test right now. Run test.

You can also run free test of your personal abilities by vibraimage technology and compare the results of hereditary ability and current abilities. Go to free Multiple Intelligences test by VibraMI program.

Biofinger analysis result


Biofinger calculates your character, intelligence and personality from your fingerprints. Dermatoglyphics (science about skin images) proves that fingerprint images are linked with the brain structure, so fingerprints inform us about our talents and personality.

Biofinger compares Hans Eysenck personality test results with fingerprint anakysis results developed by Russian biometrist Viktor Minkin showned in one graphs.


Character scale


Time you need to make the biometric analysis is about one minute. After it you can learn, what is your type of temperament (Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic or Melancholiac), what «nature» abilities you have and which of your hemispheres (left or right) is more actively used.


Fingerprint portraits images depends on MI (general color), smile (extraversion), red/blue hair (emotions/logic).


The FingerCard  (Biofinger) system includes:

1. Biofinger program and Manual.

2. Activation code (sends to customer after internet payment)

3. Fingerprint scanner (option).

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