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Lie detector

Lie detectors are applied in many areas of human activity. As a rule, the device for its realisation represents the big black box with large quantity of various seeing-off which attach to the examinee. Thus the person whom check the detector, certainly, knows about it and, more often, strongly enough is nervous, therefore results can be deformed.

VibraImage system is deprived the lacks set forth above. Outwardly it looks as the computer (or the laptop) with the videocamera connected to it. When the system works near to the image of the examinee the scale with its level of lie is shown. It is necessary to notice, that the examinee can not guess at all check that is huge advantage of system.

Classic lie detector Lie detector VibraImage
Classic lie detector
Lie detector VibraImage

Moreover, lie detection can be spent not only in the presence of the person, but also on earlier made videorecording, including from teleether.

By means of Vibraimage system you solve following problems:

Work imperceptibly and with split-hair accuracy;
Have possibility to analyze person far off, only having its videorecording;
Can work practically in any conditions, easily having taken VibraImage with you.
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