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VibraImage 8 PRO

Behavior detection system

.msi 38,8 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 PRO


Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection system

.exe 30,4 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 PRO


Suspicious Behavior Detection system

.exe 37,8 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 PRO


Emotion recognition and behavior detection program modules

.exe 20 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 Lite


Psychophysiological Contactless Lie Detection System

.exe 30 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 Lite

Love Detector

Love meter and compatibility measurement program based on Android phones

.apk 100 Kb Download VibraImage 7 Lite


Dermatoglyphic analysis system

.msi 16,8 Mb

Download VibraImage 7 PRO


Free program for Aura vizualization by Android mobile phones

.apk 85 Kb Download VibraImage 7 Lite


Vibraimage statistical analysis software

.zip 3,5 Mb Download VibraImage 7 Lite


IP-camera driver

.msi 11 Mb Download VibraImage 7 Lite

MS VS2008 Redistributable Package

runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries

.exe 1.8 Mb Download VibraImage 7 Lite

VibraImage PRO (8.1)

Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection System Manual

. pdf 7,5 Mb

Description VibraImage 7


Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection Research System Manual

. pdf 3,1 Mb

Description VibraImage 7


Suspicious Behavior Detection System Manual

. pdf 1,4 Mb

Description VibraImage 7

VibraLite (Vibaimage Lite 8.1)

Emotion recognition and Behavior detection program modules Manual

 .pdf 3.5 Mb


Psychophysiological contactless lie detection system Manual

 .pdf 2.6 Mb

Love Detector

Love and compatibility meter Manual for Android phones

. pdf 8,1 Mb

Description VibraImage 7.1


Free program for aura vizualization by mobile phones based on Windows Mobile OS

 .pdf 1,0 Mb


Biofinger system Manual. Any fingerprint application in one system.

. pdf 1.7 Mb


VibraStat Manual. any vibraimaging analysis of psychophysiological parameters statistics

. pdf 220 Kb


CamIP Manual for IP cameras applications

. pdf 326 Kb
Publications and Presentations        



Sochi Olympic Games Security Together With Vibraimage

From Olympic Games start to finish with Elsys Corp. Sochi, 2013-2014

. ppsm 111 Mb

 Workshop on Behaviour Detection — Prague, 22 September, 2015

Vibraimage in the world, from Ing. Filip Krejcik

. pptx 6,8 Mb

From EmSEC Together With Vibraimage Security

Emirates security exhibition & conference, Dubai, 28-29 October, 2014

. ppsm 210 Mb

Transport Security Seminar, Department of Security Technologies and Engineering, Faculity of Transportation Science, Czech Technical University, Prague, May, 16-17, 2013

Vibraimage system application for transport security, lecture of Dr. Oleg Marynov, Elsys Corp., SPb, Russia

. pdf 12,0 Mb

CYTER 2012 Conference, Prague, June, 12-13, 2012

Behavioral detection phenomen — Vibraimage, bc., Jan Tuma

. pdf 7,2 Mb

Vibraimage seminar, Seoul, Korea, June, 27-28, 2012

Polygraph development in Russian Federation., Andrey Medvedev, polygraph expert

. pdf 5,4 Mb
VibraImage 7.5 Manual  .pdf 14.5 Mb
VibraImage 7.3 Lite Description  .pdf 3.5 Mb
VibraImage 7 SL-A, SL-T, SL-S, SL-C Description . pdf 2,5 Mb

Description VibraImage 7 Lite

VibraImage Mobile Description . pdf 1 Mb Скачать описание
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