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12 February 2019
New update for VibraMA
VibraMA-Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection System for Android phones

23 January 2019
New update for VibraImage PRO 10 manual
VibraImage PRO 10 manual-Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection System Manual

23 January 2019
New update for VibraImage 10 PRO
VibraImage 10 PRO-Behavior detection system for 64-bit OS

18 January 2019
New update for PsyAccent
PsyAccent-Diagnostic Program of Personality Accentuation

07 January 2019
New update for VibraNET SDK

29 December 2018
New update for VibraLie 10
VibraLie 10-Psychophysiological Contactless Lie Detection System

29 December 2018
New update for VibraMI 10
VibraMI 10-Psychophysiological profiling system. Version 10

26 December 2018
New Year Greeting

Dear users of vibraimage systems! Elsys Corp wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! For successful work with all vibraimage applications, we did free VibraNet program, which processes and visualizes the results of Vibraimage PRO operation. Also VibraNET SDK becomes free from 2019

29 November 2018
Vibraimage conference in Peking University

On November 15, Peking University held the conference on Vibraimage technology. Two keynote addresses were presented at the conference: “The vibraimage - technology for psychophysiological detection and psychometrics” and “Vibraimage technology application in psychology”. The conference was attended by more than 200 Chinese specialists and officials representing the interests of companies working in the fields of security, mobile technology, education and psychological testing.

A number of agreements were signed between the developers of the vibraimage technology by Elsys Corp, Russia and the exclusive representative of vibraimage technology in China, Taiyuan Kangxi Technology Development Co., Ltd., defining the development of vibraimage technology in the Chinese market.

The conference showed a huge interest to the vibraimage technology, the speakers were asked a lot of questions, to which they provided detailed answers. During the conference, a number of discussions were held about various applications of vibraimage technology and the ways of its development. Information about the conference was presented on the main Chinese news Internet portals.

10 November 2018
New update for VibraStat 2 Advanced
VibraStat 2 Advanced-VibraStat Manual. any vibraimaging analysis of psychophysiological parameters statistics

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