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VibraLite BOX

VibraLite emotion recognition versions in one package! Includes 12 programs for different emotions recognition.

All VibraLite vesrions in one package! Except VibraLie for separately delivery.

1. Aggression VI – detection and quantitative measurement of aggression (activity) personal level as one of the base human emotions. Every person has some aggression or activity level and low aggression level is the same pathology as high aggression level. User could control his own aggression level, or aggression of friends, partners and any controlled person.

2. Aura VI – indication of the personal aura (external vibraimage), visualized by vibraimage technology.

3. Balance VI – detection and quantitative measurement of personal mental balance, balance scale in % from 0-100, the best mental balance state corresponds to 100% .

4. Brain Voice VI – audio indication of person aura and minds, records by vibraimage technology. Program allows to hear minds, feelings and emotions.

5. Biotester VI - quantitative measurement of Psy-Energy changes in personal state, calculation of person energy in kcal/min, psychological state in % from 0-100, the best psychological state corresponds to 100%

6. Charming VI – quantitative measurement of personal charming level, charming scale in % from (0-100)%, the best charming state corresponds to 100%

7. Compatibility VI - quantitative measurement and testing of couple compatibility for lovers, friends, familiar, partners etc. Compatibility scale in % from (0-100)%, the best compatibility corresponds to 100%

8. Energy VI - quantitative measurement of personal energy level, energy scale in % from (0-100)%, the maximum energy corresponds to 100%

9. Stress VI - Some of scientists don’t correspond stress with emotions, however, nowadays stress is the most popular term characterizing human mental state. Stress VI allows fairly analyze own or others stress level, that is important for regular mental health control, also as precautions, rehabilitation and cure for depression states. Stress scale in % from 0-100, the maximum stress corresponds to 100%

10. Suspect VI – quantitative measurement of personal suspect level (potential danger of person) by calculation of aggression, stress and anxiety levels. Suspect scale in % from 0-100, the maximum suspect corresponds to 100%

11. Tension VI - Anxiety (fear, tension) presents physical emotion realization, produced by any alarm, independently from conscious or unconscious of this state by person.  Tension VI program for anxiety level analyzing, allows to indicate unconscious alarm and fear, so assists in it medical treatment. Anxiety scale in % from 0-100, the maximum anxiety corresponds to 100%

12. E-Monster - Program shows facial image of person changed by emotions. You could detect monsters by this program even if person is hidden emotions under the mask of normal face.  Any changes from normal status of aggression, stress, anxiety, threat, balance, charming, energy and self regulation could transform human to monster. More changes of emotions give more changes from human to monster. When person emotions are normal the program image is identical to standard video image. It is very funny to look how person image is changing by emotions in such magic mirror.

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