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VibraImage and multiple intelligenses

This monograph bases a new approach for multiple intel ligences calculation by vibraimage technology, acquaints the reader with the possibilities of using vibraimage technology and systems in evaluating of multiple intelligences profile and human abilities, career guidance, the use of vibraimage in new methods of psychophysiological and emotional states research. A technique and method for testing multiple intelligences using vibraimage technology is described, the relationship be tween the conscious and unconscious (psychophysiological) response of a person to the presented stimulus is investigated. The monograph is dedicated to specialists working in the field of applied psychology (general and clinical), profiling and recruiting, will be useful to a wide range of readers whose field of interest lies in the area of innovative methods of psychophysiological detection and assessment of the current psychophysiological state. Mastering the vibraimage technology, based on the VibraMI program solves such problems as assessment of abilities for children of preschool and school age, assessment of abilities and vocational guidance of students, professional counseling and personnel management, help in professional retraining and human resource profiling.

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VibraImage and multiple intelligenses
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