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The monograph presents the results of the study and application of a physically primary type of image, a vibraimage, which displays the speed of change (vibration parameters) for each video image pixel. Vibraimage informatively visualizes micro movement and vibration parameters of a quasi-stationary object. The principles and methods of obtaining a real vibraimage of an object have been developed and presented. It is argued that by means of vibraimage parameters it is possible to characterize the psychophysiological state of humans and animals. Calculation formulas and equations of various emotional states of a person to measure the levels of aggression, stress and anxiety are set out. Recommendations on psychophysiological and psycho-emotional diagnostics of a person’s state, based on vibraimage parameters, are provided. The monograph is intended for specialists in psychophysiology, psychology, physiology, security, medicine and biometrics, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in computer aided techniques and virtual reality technologies of a person’s psychophysiological state diagno stics, and working with the VibraImage system.

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