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Objective Control of Positive Changes

Almost each of us faced with check of a pulse rate. It is enough to press slightly fingers a place where any large artery approaches close to a surface of a body, and it is possible to feel pushes when heart is reduced and pushes blood on an artery. Sometimes the pulsing of a surface of a skin above a place of passing of an artery manages to be observed visually. Pulsing of stream of blood in veins are appreciable much less though and there they necessarily are present and also appear in vibration of an integument. It is one of reasons of appearance of mechanical vibrations of a surface of the skin, which have the frequency equal to a pulse rate (1-2 Hz). In fine capillaries, the amplitude of such vibrations is small, not visible for a human eye and can be registered only by precision instruments. (It is possible to speak about micro vibrations, having in view both amplitude, and their localization on a surface of a skin).

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Objective Control of Positive Changes
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