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19 April 2018
New update for VibraStat
VibraStat-VibraStat Manual. any vibraimaging analysis of psychophysiological parameters statistics

29 December 2017
2017 year results

At the end of each year, it's decided to sum up, so I'll try to briefly outline the main points from what the Elsys Corp team did good in 2017 for partners, customers and users of the vibraimage technology.
Science results
1. 24.03.2017 filed patent application RU 2017109920 on the method of assessment a person's psychophysiological state. This is the 6th patent about the vibraimage technology. This patent establishes the relationship between the psychophysiological state of a person, his energy consumption and information exchange of physiological systems. The results of the work presented in this patent allow more accurately calculate the psychophysiological state of a person and are used in the Vibraimage programs of PRO, MI and MED versions.

2. In 2017 specialists of ELSYS and partners published a number of articles and monographs on vibraimage technology in Russian and foreign journals. The latest science publications about the Vibraimage technology are available on the Psymaker website.

3. Started preparing of the first international conference – The Vibraimage World. The conference is planned to be held in the end of June 2018 in St. Petersburg. Visitors and participants of the conference can register on the website Psymaker

Practical results

1. After conducting successful tests of the vibraimage system to detect suspicious people at an important state facility, the Mix mode added to the version of the Vibraimage 10PRO system. This mode combines the accuracy of the Micro mode with the wide application of the Macro mode and intends to identify suspicious people in public places, like stations and airports, for example, for passengers waiting in line for security control.

2. New programs of the 10th Vibraimage version have been prepared and available to users, including MI, MED, MID, LD. The difference between the 10 version and the previous one, is that the 10th programs work faster, spend less CPU power, have a free interface to the windows and provide a measure of more psychophysiological parameters. Also all users of previous versions above the 8th have the opportunity to use a similar program of 10th version free and without time limitations.

3. PRO dongles abilities are extended. All users of PRO versions can now run any program from the 10th series (MI, MED, MID, LD, SDK, NET)

4. New programs for testing migrants WelcomEU and WelcomeUS have been developed. The programs are intended for use by government and state organizations.

5. A new VibraMA program for Android mobile phones was developed and is being tested 
This is the first version of the full vibraimage program, developed for a mobile phone. To control one-time and on-line testing, a new Vibrabrain website is being developed

6. A VibraNet program for global security systems has been developed that combines an unlimited number of vibraimage systems processing.

7. Upgraded Vibraimage 10 SDK giving unlimited opportunities for advanced users to embed vibraimage systems in their applications.

8. Based on the provided tests results was modified program VibraStaff10 for increasing the accuracy of preshift monitoring of especially important specialties employees like operators on nuclear stations.

We hope that the work done by Elsys Corp allows our partners and customers in all the world successfully solve a wide range of tasks from recruiting and medicine to global security in the New Year 2018. Together we can make people life better and more security in the Vibraimage World! Happy New Year!
Viktor Minkin, CEO Elsys Corp, 28.12.2017

23 November 2017
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19 October 2017
The fifth patent on vibraimage technology was received

You can read patents for vibraimage technology on this page: patents 

18 November 2016
Black Friday from psymaker

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26 October 2016
BBC Arabic from Dubai about VibraImage

11 October 2016
Dr.Pulse for Android phones

New Dr.Pulse program combines different biometric technologies, like fingerprinting, vibraimaging and 3d-pulse. Mobile phones users could control health by heart rate variability (HRV) measurement. Be in Love with Love Detector, be in Health with Dr.Pulse, be in Happiness with the next development - Happiness detector!

11 October 2016
Vibraimage on Japan IT exhibitions

Defense Labor Aero Corporation - Elsys’ partner in Japan, presented vibraimage technology and products on several exhibitions, like Security & Safety Trade Expo 2015 (RISCON TOKYO) at Tokyo Big Sight from October 14 to October 16 at SENON LIMITED booth and Information Security Expo ( Japan IT Week Autumn) from October 28 to October 30 and International Trade Fair for "Railways" Technology at JT (JAPAN Technicals) booth from November 11 to November 13 both at Makuhari Messe.

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