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Blitz Judgment

Blitz Judgment Profiling System- adaptive psychophysiological testing program and neuro-linguistic profiling.

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Blitz Judgment Profiling (MI-Sins) is the method of adaptive psychophysiological testing with the use of neurolinguistic profiling with the presentation of multifactor stimuli, individually calculated at pretesting stage. Linear structure of negative personality characteristics and addictions (vices, sins) is uniquely tied to the multiple intelligences by extraversion level increases. The method of positive and negative personality traits testing, using vibraimage technology and presentation of text and visual 48 stimuli with the 5-second presentation period (blitz) gives high accuracy profiling result by 250-second testing. The calculation of a person's vices (sins) profile and personality righteousness (virtue/sins ratio) is based on the unconscious and conscious responses to the presented stimuli. Blitz Judgment Profiling System increases the accuracy of personality profiling by replacing psychophysiological prediction to the study on the psychophysiological simulator, in which real personality characteristics are measured.


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