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Vibaraimage 8PRO+

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Behavior Detection VibraImage System Version 8.1 (PRO+) intends to registration, analysis, control and research of human emotion status for different applications in the fields of security, biometrics, psychology, lie detection, medicine and human life.

Dongle protection. Express post delivery. VibraImage PRO+ system can do anything in human detection! Highest security level. FOR GOVERMENTS USE ONLY!

VibraImage 8 Pro+

VibraImage system registers micromovement (vibration) of person by standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing. Human head microvibration is linked with the vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) of a person and reflects emotions levels. VibraImage system detects human emotions by the control of three dimension (3D) head-neck movements and fluctuations, accumulated in several frames.

Friendly and precise biometric system

VibraImage software is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Cognitive control of emotions;
  • Law enforcement;
  • Aggressive and crime persons detection;
  • Passengers remote surveillance;
  • Psychological and medical monitoring;
  • Lie detection;
  • Research of weak response to humans;
  • Training and relax control for fitness and sport applications;
  • Meditation and aura control;
  • Live and recorded video processing.

Welcome to the Vibraimage world!

Vibraimage system is the only one sytem in the world that calculates any human emotions. VibraImage is a new image type and so primary, as original color image, thermo image or x-ray image. Each image type gives new and unique information about the object. Every pixel of vibraimage reflects vibration parameters - frequency or amplitude of vibration. Captured visualization of vibration frequency and amplitude named external vibraimage and looks like aura of person. Typically external vibraimage colors linked with vibration frequency and external vibraimage dimension linked with vibration amplitude.

Detail human head movement analysis and functional diagnostics during one minute. Printing value and norms of neuroticism, inhibition, self regulation, energy, charm, balance, suspect, anxiety, stress and activity. Tenprint of your emotions and psychophysiological state in a one minute by vibraimage technology.

Vibraimage PRO system has dongle protection and lifelong update guarantee.

VibraImage PRO+ system can do anything in human detection! Highest security level. FOR GOVERMENTS USE ONLY!

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