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COVID-19 Diagnosis Program

AIvsCOVID is based on vibraimage technology, measuring micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of person by standard digital, web, IP or television cameras and image processing and result analyzing by artificial intelligence.

1-3 minute test and 100% sure in Health!


AIvsCOVID program displays diagnostic results on the screen immediately after 1 minute or 3 minutes testing even a week before the clinical symptoms of diseases. All processing takes place on the user's computer and no user data is transferred anywhere. The diagnostic accuracy of the program for the control sample is 99 %.

AIvsCOVID is FREE for all users and is not intended for commercial distribution!

You can test COVID-19 several times a day whenever there is a suspicion of the infection.

Install AIvsCOVID accordingly steps from section 2!

Note, the program requires a permanent Internet connection.

See detail Manual for AIvsCOVID program

COVID-19 detection after 1 minute test of AIvsCOVID program

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