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Diagnosis Program for Early COVID-19 Detection by 5-second  Contactless Testing

COVID5s  based on vibraimage technology and AI processing of head movements.

5-second contactless test and be sure in Health!


COVID5s program displays diagnostic results on the screen immediately after 5-second testing even a week before the clinical symptoms of diseases. All processing takes place on the user's computer with Windows 10 and no transferred data. The diagnostic accuracy of the program is higher 94%.

COVID5s has 10 FREE starts with unlimited number of free COVID-19 testing.

Note, the program requires a permanent Internet connection during free testing and no internet connection after purchase.

See detail Manual for COVID5s program

We advise paying for the programafter successful free testing, since Covid5s requers a PC with the processor IntelI7 or higher and high-quality webcam (Microsoft LifeCam Studio reccomended) for correct program processing. Read the details in Manual.

Some Elsys history and minds on future

In 1992, we invented and made the world's first fingerprint reader on chip. We were told: why is this necessary if there are large optical fingerprint scanners. Chip fingerprint readers are now on almost all phones and laptops.

In 1999, I wrote the article “A fingerprint passport for every Russian citizen,” and we proposed a simple solution for a biometric passport. Then it seemed that this is a distant future, but now fingerprint passports are accepted in almost all countries.

In 2001, we developed method for contactless recognition of emotions using tv cameras with vibraimage technology, and no one believed us that this could be a reality. In 2014, all the visitors to the Sochi Olympics were checked by vibraimage systems, and now there are thousands television methods for emotion recognition successfully used in all countries of the world.

In 2021, we developed the Covid5s program for 5-second COVID-19 non-invasive diagnosis that detects disease before symptoms and biochemical tests as positive RT-PCR. And we are again told that this cannot be!

Maybe shouldn't wait 15 years again to make sure that the technology is actually working, and use Covid5s everywhere now to stop the COVID-19 pandemic?

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