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HealthTest Lite

HealthTest Lite program for PC with Windows10.

Self testing of health level by webcam. Results after 1 minute (1M button). 3 FREE tests.

3 min test (3M button) gives more accuracy than 1 min test. All testing information is only on your computer

Green health indicator means that everything is in ok. Health testing lasts one minute, the test person should be in front of the camera and see his face on the screen as large as possible. In this case, the person’s face should not be cropped in the frame. Try to feel free and natural in front of the webcam.

Basic software&hardware requirements:

Web camera - image size not lower than 640x480; frame rate 30 fps; noise level below 0.1 bit.

PC - processor is not lower than i5, processor load during testing is not higher than 80%

Software - Windows 10, MS Office Exel at least 2013.

For computers without MS Office Exel download HealthTestLite (HTML)

The level of health is determined by two integral indicators, reflecting the consistency of the physiological systems of man.

If the value of the indicators is within the established standards (the color of the indication of the health level is green), then this means that the test person has no diseases that are dangerous to health.

If the value of one of the indicators is outside the established norms (the color of the indication of the level of health is yellow), then this means that the tested person may have diseases.

If the values ​​of both indicators are outside the established norms (the color of the indication of the level of health is red), then we recommend that you immediately consult a doctor to establish specific causes of the observed pathology.

A detailed Manual of the HealthTest program principles and determination of physiological parameters can be found in the monograph

Download HealthTest program, install the program and pass 3 tests for free. If the test results satisfy you, you can purchase the HealthTest program by clicking the Buy button on this page. HealthTest after purchase has no time limit.

Please note that to check the level of health, you must have high quality video from a webcam. Webcam must be fix and has not vibration. To assess the quality of the video, a Quality Indicator is built into the HealthTest program (up line, Settings, Quality test Up), which should be at least 50% at the end of one minute test. We do not recommend starting testing with a quality indicator below 100%. Resetting the quality indicator by clicking on the screen with a video image. During testing, you cannot reset the quality, this will lead to a distortion of the test results.

Note. 3M (3 minutes) testing has 3 times more accuracy than 1M (1 minute) testing. You can restart 3M testing if you have Yellow or Red Health results in 1M testing.

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