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Lie detector Vibraimage PRO (VibraLie)

Lie detectors as traditional polygraphs are applied in many areas of human activity. As a rule, the device for its realization includes the box connected to PC with large quantity of various contact sensors which are fixed on the examinee. Thus the detected person, certainly, always knows about it and, more often, strongly enough is nervous, therefore results can be distorted. Typical psychophysiological detection of deception by contact polygraph presents a long (about 2 hours) and difficult procedure for tested person (examinee) and for polygraph specialist.

VibraImage system is friendly and precision lie detector. It looks as usual computer (or laptop) with video or web camera. Vibraimage lie detector or VibraLie shows several psychophysiological parameters (till 30) of tested person together with integral psychophysiological response and calculates lie by auto comparison of integral response to relevant and control questions. It is necessary to notice, that the examinee feel free and Vibraimage system does not influence on the result of examination. One test detection on Vibraimage system is simple and time duration not more than 5 minutes..

Classic lie detector Lie detector VibraImage
Traditional lie detector
Lie detector VibraImage (VibraLie)

Moreover, lie detection can be provide not only in the real time person examination, but also by the recorded video analysis.

Vibraimage lie detector is used by polygraph specialists in police and civil applications so as usual people for different goals:

— High sensitive, precise and proffesional psychophysiological detector of deception for criminals and suspected person;
— Simple and reliable lie detector. The best suggestion for family conflicts solution, business interwiew, employment agency testing;
— Vibraimage — contactless lie detector for every day, personal lie detector is the same as personal computer.
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