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Personal security

Safety of your apartment or house is very important task, because safety of your family, and also your property depends on it. There are various security systems: alarm systems, motion sensors, armor-plated doors, etc. Some people build protective bunkers in the houses; it is possible even to put protection on perimetre of the site and to be almost assured of safety of the house.

But, probably that the malefactor — your neighbor or acquaintance. In that case all security systems set forth above are useless — you allow entering criminal into your house. Written above event it is far not rarity and, at first sight, against it there is no protection.

VibraImage system can help you to avoid similar situation. How? Very simply: it's necessary to establish videocamera (instead of door-eye, before entrance, or to use cameras already available for you), connected to the computer with installed VibraImage software. After that, you can see the vibraimage of the visitor and learn about his intentions before he has come into your house.

As we see on the image, the person can be outwardly quiet, even to smile, but only by means of VibraImage system probably to see its real psychoemotional condition. The program in colour and quantitatively indicators shows: level of aggression, stress, dangerous and other parameters. In this case colour round the visitor yellow-red, means it is possible to draw conclusion that it has come obviously restless and, probably, with malicious intentions.

Now we will give an example, when the person is not dangerous:



By means of Vibraimage system you solve the following problems:

— Invisible visitors scanning, at professional level;
— Emotional analysis of your visitors, partneres, friends and family helps you to be safety.
— Personal security always and anywhere. Vibraimage — you always safety! Easy intall and operate.
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