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Public security

In process of development the society realises necessity of its sacurity more and more. Especially it concern the places of the big congestion of people, such as the underground, railway stations and airports where even with all modern security systems it is impossible to check everybody. After all in similar situations the main question is not WHO is in front of camera, but WHAT he can do in the next moment.

Today this problem is successfully solved, thanks to the latest development of Elsys inc. — VibraImage, the monitoring system of a psychoemotional condition of person. It is intended for revealing of aggressive and potentially dangerous people by means of contactless remote scanning for the purpose of safety at the airports and other such places.

The purposes of VibraImage:

  1. safety in places of a mass congestion of people;
  2. revealing of potentially dangerous in crowd;
  3. constant psychoemotional identification of the big stream of people.
The VibraImage principle of operation: the system has possibility to estimate an emotional condition of each person who appears in front of camera. Then the image is going to the PC screen. For the better useability, the result represents in numeral view and coloured image (vibraimage), where colour means different emotional conditions. For example, the vibraimage of aggressive person is painted in red colour. The more important fact is that these emotions could not be faked, so the security system becomes very effective.

This is VibraImage at work:

As we see on the images, the emotional condition of each passer-by who appears in front of the camera, and we can see both an emotional condition of everyone, and the general mood of crowd. And is the most important thing is that the analysis going contactless, so nobody knows that he is analysing by the security system and behave himself naturally, without feeling of discomfort or fear that makes results more sure.

The VibraImage system is already applied successfully a lot of years with in various places of the big congestion of people and as it is constantly improved, solving more and more challenges which are put before its developers by a our society

Now using VibraImage you can:

— work contactless;
— constantly analyse psychoemotional condition of a big flow of people;
— have a great chance to work with material, which is impossoble to be faked, what makes the work of security service more effective.
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