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Stress VI+

Control stress and depression levels by webcam and Stress-VI program. You feel bad, fear and stress, think that you are in depression? Test and control your emotions immediately by vibraimage method and Stress-VI program. Know your emotions correctly means 90% to take care of your mental health. To control stress means to have antistress protection! Control emotions in Skype, store and print your emotions.

Try it free! Just download and activate with demo code DEMO_DS

Stress, emotions and mental health are so real as medical diseases and physiological features. You need to have strong and simple instrument like thermometer to measure emotions and mental health. Vibraimage technology gives you this chance by vestibulo-emotional reflex measurement. You need only webcam and Stress-VI+ program for stress control. Now you could see what actions, people, drugs, products etc move your stress level up and down, so you could treat your mental health and control treatment results. Maybe walking is better than drugs, you could test it by Stress-VI+ program. Don't worry, be Psymaker!

Stress-VI+ program is useful to the private users, wishing to control mental health; to the companies for real possibility to test emotions of the employees; and also to the organisations which are carrying out the control and treatment of various frustration of sincere health at patients.

90,00 $
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