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Simple and professional contactless lie detector. Psychophysiological detection of deception based on vibraimage technology. Lie detection with fixed actual questionnaires like Credit, Family, Bribe, Insider, etc  3 minutes test and 100% sure in result. Vibralie+ gives confidence in any relations!

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Friendly and reliable lie detector. Video polygraph instead of contact polygraph. The best solution for family conflicts, business interview and employment agency. Lie detection with fixed actual questionnaires like Credit, Family, Bribe, Insider, etc. Chance to develop new questionnaires.

VibraLie program intents for psychophysiological detection of deception of verbal and non-verbal lie in auto, auto-manual and manual modes. Program fixes and compares psychophysiological characteristics of person captured in different time period for standard examination methods. Every nowadays existing technical means of lie detection registers changes in different psychophysiological parameters of humans. Current opinion that significant changes in psychophysiological parameters happens when person is nervous, worry and lie. When person is still and calm his psychophysiological parameters are more stable in time, so if we compare known still time period with examinees question period, we determine is it lie or true. Different examination methods (Comparative Questions test (CQT), Guilty Knowledge Test (GKT), Concealed Information Test (CIT)) are constantly developed and improving, it is possible to read a lot of literature about it, for example ( The modern technical lie detection is mostly based on Integrated Zone Comparison Technique (IZCT) was firstly suggested by Cleve Backster ( ). The comparison test principals are easy for everybody understanding and requests only comparing of responses to control and relevant questions, controlled by psychophysiological detector like VibraLie system.

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