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Vibraimage, Cybernetics and Emotions

The monograph presents a new look at the cybernetic approach to the behavioral characteristics of personality. The classifi cation of behavioral characteristics based on mathematical and metrological principles is proposed. Emotions and psychophysiological parameters of a person are determined by measuring physical quantities and physiological parameters of a person. It is proposed to use Pearson linear correlation as the classifi cation feature that separates behavioral characteristics into emotions, psychophysiological parameters and consciousness parameters. Algorithms for calculating 12 emotional and 4 psychophysiological parameters using vibraimage technology are described. The density distribution functions of emotional and psycho physiological parameters given for the database of 10 266 tests. Open database on emotional and psychophysiological parameters includes test results of VibraMed, VibraMI and PsyAccent programs. Correlation dependencies (correlation matrixes and graphs) for all given behavioral characteristics are constructed and analyzed. The investigated databases of behavioral characteristics are publicly available.

The monograph intends for specialists in the fi elds of physics, mathematics, cybernetics, computer science, psychology, biology, physiology, vibraimage and biometrics, as well as a wide circle of readers interested in emotions, psychophysiological parameters, character traits, abilities, consciousness parameters and other behavioral characteristics of personality.

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Vibraimage, Cybernetics and Emotions
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