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Vibra Free

See your aura! Just simple with Aura-Vibraimage app.  This is FREE program version.

You don't need to buy this product! Download Aura VI for Android and install it.



See aura by webcam! Just simple with Aura-Vibraimage program. Be psymaker with standard webcam and Aura-Vibraimage program! This is FREE program version. Activation code to start Aura-VI program: DEMO_Z

You don't need to buy this product! Download VibraLite and install it based to the Manual.



Vibraimage statistical analysis software. The program intended for statistical processing of VibraMI software results. VibraMI is program for psychophysiological testing (PPT) of a person by the questionnaire for detecting non-cognitive abilities and personality characteristics.


The TPStat.exe program is intended for statistical processing of VibraImage program results and increase the accuracy of person or people group psychophysiological status measurement based on vibraimage technology.



CamIP program enable creates virtual cameras with connection to existing IP-cameras by RTSP, ONVIF, MJPEG protokols.

You can download it, using this link. User manual: CamIP Brief Manual


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