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Viewing of aura and self-knowledge

We often would like to know, how our environment influence on us — our friends, music, jewels, interiors. Our mood and health depends on set of items which we see day by day. There is a set of recommendations, in what color to paint walls in our room and what jewels we shoud wear, but all of them are too general.

We represent you the innovation system VibraImage which allows you to see the influence of different objects at your heath and emotional condition. For example, the VI system will show you the value of influence of various music at your real emotional condition:
Влияние рок музыки
Rock music
Влияние поп музыки
Pop music
Влияние бардовской музыки
Country music
Влияние музыки the Beatles
the Beatles

The VI system in quantitative and colour parameters shows, as your organism actually feels, for example, at listening various music. Besides you can see, what factors influence on you calming and what cause feeling of aggression or fear, can define, what fairy tale is better to read to your baby in the evening or what colour is better for you.
To work with system very simply — you just need to install the VI software to your computer and switch on web camera. Now to see the influence of different items on your condition, you should sit down in front of camera and, for example turn on some music.

Now, using the VibraImage software you can:

— see the influence value of different items at your health and emotional condition, getting know more about yourself and your capabilities;
— have a greart chance to checking up your health in any time;
— make the unique environment at your habitation influences at you most healthily.
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