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VibraMI for Android (10 tests)

VibraImage technology measures micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of person by standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing. Human head microvibration linked with the vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) of a person, reflects emotion status and personality traits. VibraMI system detects suspicious persons and human emotions by the control of three dimensional (3D) head-neck movements and vibrations, accumulated as frame difference by video processing.

For Android 6.0 or later.

Download VibraMI for Android

VibraMI program solves the following targets:

· Suspicious person detection;

· Emotion recognition;

· Monitoring of psychophysiological parameters of a person;

· Video surveillance in real time by vibraimage technology;

· Psychological testing.

To make test 10 times you need to pay 10$. 1 test cost 10 points on your balance on or 1$. Each 1 $ means 10 points on your balance. If you want to test more, for example, 20 times, you should insert 2 to the field “Quantity” and pay 20$.

10,00 $
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